Pura Vida!

Hello. Goodbye. I’m good. Be well. Welcome!

I love the saying, pura vida. It’s literal meaning is Pure Life or Simple life. It was used everywhere in Costa Rica and said with such joy I couldn’t help but smile when I heard it. I find it fascinating; so many meanings in one word. People use it as a greeting or a goodbye, as a way to share that life if simple and full, that their okay. It’s a bit like each of us finding our own perspective and choosing to discover how we want to live. We are all so different, and yet we all seem to want the same fundamental things; love, safety, joy, self-acceptance, connection, not a perfect life, but a a pure life.

The process of growth and healing is an individual one. The only one capable of attaining the things in your life you desire is you. However, no one can do it alone. So often as we grow we don’t pay full attention to the small things others do to help us along the way. It could be a friend or associate who gives an encouraging word, a family member who watched your dog while you took a class or even the person on YouTube you follow to learn more about what you love. Someone made that video, someone wrote that book, someone hired you so you could afford that apartment or house you live in. This world is full of millions of tiny connections, but if we can’t see them, how can we become grounded to allow our healing and growth. Healing is about you, no one else.

What is the life you want to live? More important, how you want to live your life?

Our minds are full of chatter that we often can’t get past, for this, learning to quiet your mind, talk through your challenges, discover what’s been buried so that you can align the pieces of your life – that, is where I come in. My role is to listen, to reflect what you say by asking the questions you may not have considered, to help you discover a different way of paying attention to what you already know.

Seeing ourselves and our circumstances from a different perspective is often the biggest change we can make. It can be the trigger to dive forward, ahead of all the internal scrutiny. To remind ourselves of who we really are.

When we work together it is a space of trust, openness, healing, discovery, choice, accountability and the support needed to take action.

It is my honor and joy to support you in achieving whatever it is you desire. It can be as simple as building the meditation practice you’ve always wanted – to facing artistic blocks, or changing careers.

The choice is yours. You are worth it. And if you have read this far, you are ready to take the next step.

Set up a free consultation if this sounds right for you.

Namastè my friend & Be well!