As I meditated today, my eyes closed the sun shifted. I felt it through my whole body. My eyelids felt the warmth and there was a shift in how the air dappled my skin. I became fully aware in the moment. It made me smile.

The crocuses were popping up everywhere today, I wandered past a patch of hundreds gathered here and there, a canvas of rich purple and deep green reaching out from the sun soaked ground.

When my husband is tipsy and needs to concentrate his nose crinkles and his mouth perches, it makes me laugh every time.

I have a friend who is so fun and warm, she makes everyone feel special. I watched her wandering around the room gathering up smiles and sprinkling joy and thought…what a gift!

Even when I think I am doing nothing, I am actually quite busy. I’m not quite sure how I feel about all that, but I will say today’s crazy busy day felt full and that’s a good day.

Author: Personal Coach and Artist

Certified Meditation Coach & Facilitator, Acting Coach (The Grounded Actor), Expressive Arts Coach, Theatre Director & Vice President of the Board of The Players (a historic theatrical club on Gramercy Park in NYC)

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