Little Moments

Forgiveness: Peaceful Surrender




Author: Personal Coach and Artist

Certified Meditation Coach & Facilitator, Acting Coach (The Grounded Actor), Expressive Arts Coach, Theatre Director & Vice President of the Board of The Players (a historic theatrical club on Gramercy Park in NYC)

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  1. I met Michael Kenna, photographer who loves the East, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and the “European East” India, e.g.; his images , especially of Japan, have a flow to them, a certain graceful, gentle movement, even in a single line on canvas–he loves trees–he does portraits of trees in Japan that appear to be portraits of beings–it is also a gift of being—he gave me a copy of his new collection–it’s something you, especially, would love to see–we had lunch at The Players– he graciously allowed me to use one of his early images of Winter Morning Gramercy Park (2003) which appears on page 7. I gave him a signed copy of A Players Almanac and your copy waits for you in the office in a drawer on the right hand of the main desk. It’s labeled with your name and it’s signed.

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