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My Odyssey

Odyssey, what a fun and comprehensive word! Expansive and open. HUGE!

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

William Ernest Henley

Flowin’ with Lily

After years of struggling with depression and bouts of debilitating fear and doubt, and after years of wanting to, I finally started a personal meditation practice. It began slow and built over two years to the point where I found myself meditating almost every day. I started without expectation. I just wanted to learn to calm my mind and body to go deeper to find what it was that was blocking me from living the life I wanted.

Through lock down and Covid I began asking myself questions, looking for What do I want instead of Why can’t I. I began seeing things from a new perspective. In doing my research I discovered Meditation Coaching. I had never heard of it before but I was immediately drawn in. I began searching for something…something that felt right to me. In that, I found Sura. Her heart centered, compassionate approach to energy healing and mind body balance attracted me immediately.

I began taking workshops, joining groups and practicing the guided meditations. The more she talked about coaching, the more excited I got. After taking in some side cash for doing a job I absolutely hated but had not choice in, I decided to take what had made me angry and frustrated and use it to do something to move me forward, to help me grow; I decided to give the Beginner Coaching training a shot. I LOVED it! Between the deepening of my practice and the energy I was gaining I was hooked.

The idea that I could share something I love – that has shifted so many aspects of my life, and helped me move past years of getting in my own way – to help others do the same, was thrilling. That’s when I decided to commit to getting certified as a Meditation Coach and Teacher.

It has been an amazing experience. I have not felt this present in my own life in years. And, the best part of it is that mediation coaching isn’t about a diagnosis or making you “better”, I’m not a doctor or medical practitioner, it’s about helping you find what it is you need to move forward and grow. To help you reconnect to yourself to heal, meet your goals, or even find those goals, to discover what it is you want, and find the balance and alignment that it creates in your life. I am the facilitator, you are the one with the answers.

Me, the Mr. and the Little Miss & Mr. Mo at Minnewaska State Park (our happy place), New Paltz, New York

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