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One on One Coaching

What makes Meditation Coaching unique is the integration of meditation, coaching and energy
healing within a session to create a safe space that allows you to uncover what you already

As you consider Meditation Coaching ask yourself…
     • What is my goal?
     • How do I want to feel when I reach that goal?
     • What is challenging or blocking me from attaining what I desire?
     • Will compassionate support and accountability help me to make it happen?

Sessions align with where you are and what you feel you need. Choose the package that’s right
for you.

Coaching packages (45 minute sessions):
     • 8 sessions
     • 6 sessions
     • 4 sessions

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When you give yourself the gift of awareness, you learn to let go so that what you desire becomes clear.

I am here to help you discover what is blocking you so that you can move forward feeling empowered and inspired to take action as well as give you tangible skills to help with whatever comes your way.

What to expect:
     • Discuss your goal for the session – you set the intention
     • Guided meditation directed toward your intention or challenge
     • Coaching, discussion, support, and accountability
     • What’s the plan?
     • Session close
     • Follow-up as a reminder and to support you during the time between sessions

At the end time of our time together, you will have found new insight and fortitude to reframe the barriers that brought you here. You will understand what it means to be in alignment; mind, body and spirit; how the energy you choose to hold can either help or hurt you, and to find a deeper sense of authenticity to help make your goals more attainable.

Are you ready? Request that consultation now.


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