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Meditation Coaching

With meditation coaching you will learn how to begin a meditation practice or deepen the one you already have to help you find the presence and awareness needed to overcome your personal challenges and meet your goals.

Meditation plays an active role in the coaching process to break beneath the surface and enable you to access the areas of the brain necessary for creative problem-solving, insight and self-awareness.

As a coach I’m here to help facilitate your self-discovery. All progress requires us to look deeper and ask ourselves, “What do I really want?” and to end the cycle of “I don’t know”.

Why I believe this is key for creatives

In meditation, whatever happens is bound to be expressed in creativity.”


I believe meditation is essential for creatives. The consistency of having to put ourselves out there is at times exhilarating and often harrowing. We are our product, when it doesn’t sell or no one pays attention it is personal. Finding alignment and flow, and being grounded is crucial to our well being. Meditation teaches us how to ground ourselves, to bring us back to the reality that what we do is beautiful and rewarding; to remind ourselves why we do what we do… because we love it.

The key to meditation is alignment and flow. When our thoughts, bodies and spirit are aligned, the blocks that keep us from moving forward are released. There is no more fighting, simply flow.

I love this definition relating to motivational flow – Flow is an optimal psychological state characterized by the enjoyment of deep absorption in what one is doing. This psychological state is autotelic (i.e., rewarding in itself); experiencing flow intrinsically motivates individuals to engage in activities that are conducive to it.


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