Energy Healing Circle


All experience levels are welcome
Free, or by donation (Venmo @ntadingee/Paypal @nicholedonje)

Ever feel blocked, like your body and energy are off?

Well…nothing like a new year to figure it out. Let’s stop making it about resolutions and what we aren’t doing. Let’s focus on connecting to ourselves, our bodies, finding a true path forward, healing, and simply being present for where we are right now.

This nine-week healing circle will take you through the chakra system to help discover blocks keeping you from making the changes you want while reconnecting you to your personal energy in a focused and simple way.

Weekly, Saturdays at Noon – beginning January 15th


Each session will be about 45 minutes to an hour. There will be an approximately 20-minute guided meditation, then time for discussion, questions and sharing. Remember, a healing circle is a sacred place of trust and non-judgement. Please come with an open heart & mind, knowing you are all perfect as you are.

Our first and last sessions will include all 7 chakras, while each between will focus on them individually. Between weeks you will have access to the meditation portion of the sessions to use to help build or add to your practice. At the end of each session, you will be given coaching questions to consider throughout the week. I suggest keeping a journal to see what comes up as you go through this process.

Our sessions will take place online via Zoom. The meditation portion will be recorded (the discussion will not). Please be prepared to be on camera. A big part of a meditation and healing circle is the connection we create together, spaces are limited to ensure everyone can participate in the discussions.

Interested, questions, etc.? Please email

I look forward to sharing this time with you!

*** Though attendance to every session is not required, and it’s understood that life happens, please make every effort to participate. One, you will get much more from it. Two, you will find the energy of those missing will be felt. Three, this is the final piece of my Meditation Coaching certification and I’d love to share the whole series with you! ***