The Bellie

So precious, looking at me with those sparkling eyes. I can’t help but smile. She’s been so good all day, sitting mostly quiet by my side. Asking for attention but letting me go back as I need. I hate to disappoint her so I’m sure to bend down and give her kisses on her big ‘ole noggin.

I cannot understand why anyone would judge her simply for what she is. She had no choice, and we will love her all the more for it.

I can’t wait to be done with my daily commitments so I can get down on the floor with her and see that beautiful pink belly looking up at me as I give her the love, she deserves.

Life Poems 8


She was beautiful! Her dark soulful eyes shared a tenderness that melted away any pain. Tears would be gone in seconds replaced by laughter and games of tag around the house; she was always it. We sat together at meals and often fell asleep side by side. There’s no denying she was my best friend. She’d been there since before memories took hold. Walking side by side, leaning in in that tender way friends do. I loved how warm she was, soft too. Her silky long hair would swish as she walked, the kaleidoscope of browns, whites and grays. She was old and yet full of life. But today she’s gone. Its my 8th birthday and time is quickly teaching me that pain comes with age. I’ve been lying here in the corner on her blanket by the closet, where she died in my arms, trying to hold on to her. I don’t want to celebrate today. The one wish I have is impossible.


Joys 2/29-3/6

My favorite things…

This week I’m celebrating, the Bubby. This little girl wakes me up with kisses everyday and makes me feel like the luckiest human on earth each time I walk through the door. When I got her her harness was 5 times smaller and I wish I could say the pitch of her bark was higher but its not, she still squeaks when she’s excited! The treasure of loving her through these almost 12 years has brought joy to my soul and I look forward to many more.


This week I am grateful for so many things but here is one for each day…

I am grateful for laughter at an event with silly friends on a night I needed to laugh.
I am grateful for Shana’s partnership in our many endeavors.
I am grateful for making a new friend at work an possibly a new hair stylist…very important!
I am grateful for no traffic on a long late night ride.
I am grateful for time chatting with my mom on Saturday morning with the sun shining through her window in her new home.
I am grateful for my family’s laughter, silliness and love of toilet humor!
I am grateful for the quiet walk with the kids in a familiar hood.

Photo ©donjè photography